The Team Buckley therapists work with a diverse range of clients, from elite athletes to those that are less active, with our oldest patient being 97 and the youngest being a few years old. We have a variety of therapists, covering a range of different treatment methods, meaning that, where necessary, we are able to combine therapies to achieve the best results. We recognise that not all patients will respond to certain treatments and that, in certain cases, a multidisciplinary approach can lead to the strongest outcomes. We also understand that some conditions don’t exist in isolation but co-exist with others or are interrelated, and we always ensure that we treat them accordingly.

We treat a great number of musculoskeletal conditions and, consequently, are not able to include them all here. However, below are some of the most common conditions we treat. Please feel free to contact us for further details about the conditions we can treat and which of our therapists would be the most appropriate for you to see. We are now also offering a specialist dietician and nutrition service for clients looking to lose weight , stay healthy and/or improve their general fitness and sporting aspirations.

Back and Neck

Back and neck pain may present itself as localised discomfort that has built up over time, and it can range in intensity from mild to severe—often with no specific identifiable cause. On occasion, it may radiate into the buttocks, legs and feet, or into the arms and hands, and sometimes clients experience pins and needles and/or numbness in the extremities. Symptoms are often related to continuous poor posture, such as long periods of sitting or standing, and/or exaggerated movements, such as repeated bending and lifting.

Back and neck pain is one of the most common conditions we treat along with headaches related to neck dysfunction and we are proud to specialise in this area. In fact, we receive regular referrals from leading spinal consultants to assist patients in their rehabilitation after surgical procedures, such as after a discectomy, spinal fusion, epidural or facet joint injection.

The most common spinal conditions we help to treat include slipped discs, sciatica, muscle strains and facet joint irritation. We are also able to advise on scoliosis and postural and alignment concerns.

Hand & Wrist

There are a number of injuries that can occur within the hand and wrist. These include muscle, tendon or ligament strains and sprains, joint arthritis, or nerve compression syndromes such as carpal tunnel. We can assess and help in the rehabilitation of many hand- and wrist-related conditions and we also work closely with hand consultants in optimising our patients’ care.


We provide treatment and rehabilitation for many shoulder conditions—for example, frozen shoulder, impingement syndrome, rotator cuff tendonitis/tears and bursitis. We can also provide post-surgical care for patients after a shoulder replacement, rotator cuff repair or acromioplasty. Many patients present with difficulty moving their arm, a catching sensation when the arm is overhead and/or pain and weakness across the shoulder area. If you experience any of these, we would be happy to help. We also offer ultrasound imaging where required.


Patients might be struggling to grip their tennis racket and/or golf club due to pain across the inside/outside of their elbow, or they may be unable to straighten their arm after injury or surgery. Our therapists are trained to treat those suffering from tennis or golfer’s elbow and can provide rehabilitation after fractures and breaks.


Signs of progressive hip joint conditions are an observable limp, groin pain and/or difficulty tying up your shoelaces. Common presenting complaints are hip joint arthritis, iliotibial band syndrome, trochanteric bursitis, adductor muscle strains and sport hernias. Here at Team Buckley, we can help diagnose hip-related issues and then provide a treatment plan. We can also work with your consultants by providing a comprehensive rehabilitation programme after surgery—for example, after a total hip replacement or a femoral–acetabular labral tear repair. We can also provide ultrasound imaging and injections.


If you are experiencing pain, swelling or stiffness in your knee, or a sensation of your knee cap giving way and locking, we can help. Our highly-trained therapists are experienced in the assessment and diagnosis of common knee conditions such as osteoarthritis, meniscal tears, patellar tendon strain and patella–femoral joint alignment issues.

We can provide treatment and rehabilitation for various knee-related issues and work closely with many consultant surgeons to provide rehabilitation after cruciate ligament reconstructions, partial and/or total knee replacements and meniscal repairs.


Patients often come to us with recurring ankle sprains, instability, pain and swelling. They may have flat feet or have noticed a big toe deformity. We can assess and treat many ankle and foot conditions and also work closely with podiatrists and consultant surgeons to optimise our patients’ care. We commonly see patients having undergone recent surgical procedures such as a bunionectomy, Broström or Achilles repair.

Tendon Injury

We understand that a tendon injury is a significant concern for a patient. Achilles, posterior tibialis and patellar tendon injuries often result in considerable time away from a chosen sport or hobby. Our therapists keep up to date with current research and will provide tailored treatment plans. We can also liaise with fellow consultants, where required, to optimise your care.

Muscle Injuries

Recurring muscle injuries such as hamstring and calf strains are not only frustrating for elite athletes but also for those that partake in occasional activity. All too often, muscle injuries re-occur due to poor rehabilitation and the patient returning to their sports and hobbies too quickly.

Muscles injuries are graded in order of severity, with Grade 1 being a minor strain, Grade 2 being a more extensive injury and Grade 3 being a full rupture. The severity of the injury will guide the appropriate timeframe for healing and rehabilitation. Our therapists will be happy to provide a comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation plan, and can also diagnose the extent of an injury via our ultrasound imaging technology.