Sports Injury risk and performance screening

Pre-participation screening of athletes prior to starting training is now almost mandatory in elite and professional sport and is commonplace in competitive sport, even at junior level. Very few amateur or non-professional athletes undergo a screening to ascertain their strengths and weaknesses prior to taking part in their chosen sport. Many aspiring athletes start out too quickly only for an injury to occur and prevent you performing at your best or at worst prevent them from taking part.

Here at Team Buckley we have carried out hundreds of sports screenings on both amateur , national and international athletes using specialist kit/tests to assess alignment, flexibility , mobility , stability , strength and power with the emphasis of identifying " weak links" that may/may not impede performance and potentially cause an injury. All screenings come with a report of the findings and guidance on the ideal exercises to optimise performance and minimise your injury risk.

We also have great contacts with other local coaches and fitness trainers to optimise your performance. We are more than happy to liaise with your chosen trainers.

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