3D Gait Analysis and Orthotic Prescription

Team Buckley are one of the few clinics in Kent that can offer cutting edge foot scan technology to our clients.

Gait analysis is a biomechanical assessment of your lower limb function. Abnormalities or asymmetry in how you walk and /run may result in pain and dysfunction of foot /ankle but also potentially cause concerns with the knee, hip, and spine. We can determine your left to right differences in weight bearing, forefoot / rear foot pressures and balance control.

This technology is used by Nike to design trainers for their elite athletes, The royal marines, numerous professional athletes , non athletes and universities. As a clinic we have found it incredibly useful in identify compensatory movement strategies and areas increased injury risk. We can also use the data to provide custom fitted orthotics and advise you on the correct footwear.

If you are suffering from flat feet, wondering whether you are over pronating and/or suffering from conditions such as Bunions, Plantar fasciitis, Achilles issues or pain through the ankle, knee, hip, and spine then a gait scan may be very useful in determining an accurate analysis of your foot function, guiding the correct rehabilitation and taking the guess work out of foot assessment.